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Interrelationship of Micro- and Macro-Structure with Physical Properties of Binary Acentric Sulfide Ferroelastic and Paraelastic Crystals
On the plane of sulfide bond lengths the ellipses of acentricity have been displayed for noncentrosymmetric (NCS) sulfide crystals distributed over 4 groups of polar and nonpolarExpand
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Design of new nonlinear optical niobates and iodates
Interrelation of crystal chemistry parameters, structure and nonlinear optical properties of the niobate and iodate crystals has been established. The combination of chemical bond lengths in theseExpand
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Classification and relationship «structure - property» for binary noncentrosymmetric tungstates and molybdates
An empirical way to classify the known tungstates and molybdates MmEnWpOt is presented. As a basic criterion the shortest chemical bond length L(E, M-O) between cation and oxygen in crystal latticeExpand
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Tellurium melt crystallization study by differential-ray radiation and thermal analysis method
Phase transformation and melt crystallization can be accompanied by the appearance of electric charges on crystallization front, acoustical (AE), electron (EE), electromagnetic (EME) emission, orExpand
New noncentrosymmetric sulfides promising for high optical nonlinearity
A sets of 375 noncentrosymmetric simple and binary sulfides have been observed and classified. The elliptical regions on the plane of the shortest chemical bond lengths between cations and sulphur asExpand
Interrelationship “composition - structure - property” for Cu- and Ge-bearing sulfides
The relation “composition - structure - property” is considered for sets of >120 Cu-bearing and >90 Ge-containing ternary noncentrosymmetric sulfide crystals. These crystals are distributed on theExpand