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Atmospheric escape from the TRAPPIST-1 planets and implications for habitability
Significance The search for exoplanets has rapidly emerged as one of the most important endeavors in astronomy. This field received a major impetus with the recent discovery of seven temperateExpand
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Extended MHD modeling of the steady solar corona and the solar wind
The history and present state of large-scale magnetohydrodynamic modeling of the solar corona and the solar wind with steady or quasi-steady coronal physics is reviewed. We put the evolution of ideasExpand
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Challenges to understanding radiative shocks
Shock waves driven above a threshold velocity near 100 km/s become strongly radiative, converting most of the incoming energy flux into radiation. We produce such shock waves in Xe or Ar by using aExpand
Using high power lasers to create radiative shock waves
The paper discusses experiments, modeling, and uncertainty assessment radiative shocks produced by using high-power lasers to launch a thin Be plate into Xe gas at > 100 km/s.