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Supergauge Transformations in Four-Dimensions
Abstract Supergauge transformations are defined in four space-time dimensions. Their commutators are shown to generate γ5 transformations and conformal transformations. Various kinds of multipletsExpand
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Supergravity in nlab, supergravity crunchbase, supergravity definition of supergravity by the free, supergravity theorists win 3 million physics, special breakthrough prize awarded for supergravityExpand
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A lagrangian model invariant under supergauge transformations
We study, in the one-loop approximation, a Lagrangian model invariant under supergauge transformations. The model involves a scalar, a pseudoscalar and a spinor field. Supergauge invariance givesExpand
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Superfield Lagrangian for Supergravity
Abstract We show that the action for supergravity in superspace is the integral of the determinant of the supervierbein. Our method allows the construction of actions describing the coupling toExpand
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Supergauge Invariant Extension of Quantum Electrodynamics
A minimal supergauge invariant extension of quantum electrodynamics is described. It contains a spinor, a scalar and a pseudoscalar field, all charged, plus the photon field and a massless MajoranaExpand
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Nonlinear electromagnetic self-duality and Legendre transformations
We discuss continuous duality transformations and the properties of classical theories with invariant interactions between electromagnetic fields and matter. The case of scalar fields is treated inExpand
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Connection between Spin and Statistics
The proof of the connection between spin and statistics for interacting fields is divided into two parts: commutation relations involving components of a single field, and commutation relationsExpand
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Covariant Star Product for Exterior Differential Forms on Symplectic Manifolds
After a brief description of the Z‐graded differential Poisson algebra, we introduce a covariant star product for exterior differential forms and give an explicit expression for it up to second orderExpand
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Superspace Formulation Of Supergravity
Abstract A geometrical interpretation of supergravity is given in terms of the differential geometry of superspace. Starting from a general affine superspace, the geometry is specified in such a wayExpand
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Bicovariant quantum algebras and quantum Lie algebras
AbstractA bicovariant calculus of differential operators on a quantum group is constructed in a natural way, using invariant maps from Fun $$(\mathfrak{G}_q )$$ toUqg, given by elements of the pureExpand
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