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A perivascular origin for mesenchymal stem cells in multiple human organs.
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), the archetypal multipotent progenitor cells derived in cultures of developed organs, are of unknown identity and native distribution. We have prospectively identifiedExpand
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A New Population of Cells Lacking Expression of CD27 Represents a Notable Component of the B Cell Memory Compartment in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus1
Human memory B cells comprise isotype-switched and nonswitched cells with both subsets displaying somatic hypermutation. In addition to somatic hypermutation, CD27 expression has also been consideredExpand
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Novel Human Transitional B Cell Populations Revealed by B Cell Depletion Therapy1
Transitional cells represent a crucial step in the differentiation and selection of the mature B cell compartment. Human transitional B cells have previously been variably identified based on theExpand
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Structural and Functional Insights into the Chloroplast ATP-Dependent Clp Protease in Arabidopsis
In contrast with the model Escherichia coli Clp protease, the ATP-dependent Clp protease in higher plants has a remarkably diverse proteolytic core consisting of multiple ClpP and ClpR paralogs,Expand
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Prospective identification of myogenic endothelial cells in human skeletal muscle
We document anatomic, molecular and developmental relationships between endothelial and myogenic cells within human skeletal muscle. Cells coexpressing myogenic and endothelial cell markers (CD56,Expand
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Isolation of a slowly adhering cell fraction containing stem cells from murine skeletal muscle by the preplate technique
This protocol details a procedure, known as the modified preplate technique, which is currently used in our laboratory to isolate muscle cells on the basis of selective adhesion to collagen-coatedExpand
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Delayed memory B cell recovery in peripheral blood and lymphoid tissue in systemic lupus erythematosus after B cell depletion therapy.
OBJECTIVE Recent data suggest that the reconstituting peripheral B cell compartment after B cell depletion therapy may be functionally immature, with a preponderance of transitional B cells and aExpand
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Speciation of key arsenic metabolic intermediates in human urine.
Biomethylation is the major human metabolic pathway for inorganic arsenic, and the speciation of arsenic metabolites is essential to a better understanding of arsenic metabolism and health effects.Expand
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CpG DNA activation and plasma-cell differentiation of CD27- naive human B cells.
Unmethylated CpG DNA activation of naive CD27- B cells has been reported to require B-cell-receptor (BCR) cross-linking. We describe a culture system using CpG DNA with sequential steps forExpand
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Fusion primer and nested integrated PCR (FPNI-PCR): a new high-efficiency strategy for rapid chromosome walking or flanking sequence cloning
BackgroundThe advent of genomics-based technologies has revolutionized many fields of biological enquiry. However, chromosome walking or flanking sequence cloning is still a necessary and importantExpand
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