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Intermittent aeration strategy to enhance organics and nitrogen removal in subsurface flow constructed wetlands.
In this study, an intermittent-aerated subsurface flow constructed wetland (SFCW) A was set up to assess its performance in decentralized rural sewage treatment and it was proved that intermittent aeration strategy is reliable to enhance the performance of SFCWs in decentralized Rural sewage treatment. Expand
Nutrient removal in constructed microcosm wetlands for treating polluted river water in northern China
River water pollution is increasingly widespread in northern China and can lead to problems with the drinking water for the residents if not properly treated. Constructed wetlands are a promisingExpand
Enhanced organics and nitrogen removal in batch-operated vertical flow constructed wetlands by combination of intermittent aeration and step feeding strategy
Intermittent aeration as well as step feeding had no obvious influence on the growth of wetland plants in this study and the monitoring data showed that the plants could grow normally. Expand
Enhanced isomer purity of lactic acid from the non-sterile fermentation of kitchen wastes.
It is confirmed that the variation of the isomer purity with pH, temperature and fermentation time change resulted from the substitution of microbial community composition. Expand
High-concentration food wastewater treatment by an anaerobic membrane bioreactor.
Membrane autopsy revealed that the significant flux decline was caused by the formation of a thick biofouling layer onto the membrane surfaces, which led to the highest flux decline and the lowest recoverable flux rate during long-term operation. Expand
China's CH4 and CO2 emissions: Bottom-up estimation and comparative analysis
Abstract For the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in China, little attention has been given to CH4 emissions and related emission mitigation. This paper presents a detailed bottom-up estimation andExpand
Adsorptive removal of phosphorus from aqueous solution using sponge iron and zeolite.
The results of static experiments and dynamic experiments indicated that the adsorption of phosphorus onto sponge iron was more apt to chemical combination, but zeolite wasMore apt to electrostatic attraction or ion-exchange. Expand
Control of organic and iron colloids on arsenic partition and transport in high arsenic groundwaters in the Hetao basin, Inner Mongolia
Due to the importance of colloids in regulating element transport and mobility in aquifers, As distribution in the colloidal fraction needs to be identified in high As groundwaters. GroundwaterExpand
Initial identification of heavy metals contamination in Taihu Lake, a eutrophic lake in China.
A quality assessment indicated that most of the metals in the surface water of Taihu Lake had no or low adverse health effects on organisms, except for Pb and Cu, which may cause chronic toxicity. Expand
Methane emissions by Chinese economy: Inventory and embodiment analysis
Concrete inventories for methane emissions and associated embodied emissions in production, consumption, and international trade are presented in this paper for the mainland Chinese economy in 2007Expand