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Enhanced organics and nitrogen removal in batch-operated vertical flow constructed wetlands by combination of intermittent aeration and step feeding strategy
Oxygen and carbon source supply are usually insufficient in subsurface flow constructed wetlands. Simultaneous removal of organic pollutants and nitrogen in five batch-operated vertical flowExpand
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Intermittent aeration strategy to enhance organics and nitrogen removal in subsurface flow constructed wetlands.
In this study, an intermittent-aerated subsurface flow constructed wetland (SFCW) A was set up to assess its performance in decentralized rural sewage treatment. A conventional SFCW B and aExpand
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Nutrient removal in constructed microcosm wetlands for treating polluted river water in northern China
River water pollution is increasingly widespread in northern China and can lead to problems with the drinking water for the residents if not properly treated. Constructed wetlands are a promisingExpand
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Enhanced isomer purity of lactic acid from the non-sterile fermentation of kitchen wastes.
In order to improve the purity of lactic acid isomers, the effects of pH, temperature, fermentation time and their interactions on l(+) or d(-)-lactic acid production were evaluated during lacticExpand
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High-concentration food wastewater treatment by an anaerobic membrane bioreactor.
The viability of treating high-concentration food wastewater by an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AMBR) was studied using polyethersulfone (PES) ultrafiltration membranes PES200, PES300, PES500 andExpand
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Hydrogeological and biogeochemical constrains of arsenic mobilization in shallow aquifers from the Hetao basin, Inner Mongolia.
Little is known about the importance of drainage/irrigation channels and biogeochemical processes in arsenic distribution of shallow groundwaters from the Hetao basin. This investigation shows thatExpand
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Control of organic and iron colloids on arsenic partition and transport in high arsenic groundwaters in the Hetao basin, Inner Mongolia
Due to the importance of colloids in regulating element transport and mobility in aquifers, As distribution in the colloidal fraction needs to be identified in high As groundwaters. GroundwaterExpand
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China's CH4 and CO2 emissions: Bottom-up estimation and comparative analysis
Abstract For the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in China, little attention has been given to CH4 emissions and related emission mitigation. This paper presents a detailed bottom-up estimation andExpand
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Adsorptive removal of phosphorus from aqueous solution using sponge iron and zeolite.
Phosphorus adsorptive removal is an important and efficient treatment process in constructed subsurface flow wetlands. Many materials have been proposed for removal of excess phosphorus fromExpand
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Reaction Kinetics of the Hydrothermal Treatment of Lignin
Lignins derived from abundant and renewable resources are nontoxic and extremely versatile in performance, qualities that have made them increasingly important in many industrial applications. WeExpand
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