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On the De-Embedding Issue of Millimeter-Wave and Sub-Millimeter-Wave Measurement and Circuit Design
The results showed that the proposed full-matrix calculation-based de-embedding method has good accuracy even at very high-frequency and it is suitable for mmWave and sub-mmWave measurements and circuit design.
‘Enter at your own risk’: a multimethod study of air quality and biological measures in Canadian waterpipe cafes
Air quality levels in outdoor waterpipe cafes showed less harmful particulate levels than indoors, but mean PM2.5 levels were still ‘poor’, which support eliminating waterpipe smoking in hospitality venues indoors and out.
Seed dispersal of three sympatric oak species by forest rodents in the Qinling Mountains, Central China
It is indicated that forest rodents were primarily responsible for seed predation and dispersal of these three tree species in the Qinling Mountains, and seed traits, especially coat hardness, nutrition content, and germination schedule, were important factors influencing rodent eating and caching behaviors.
A New Coupler Structure with Phase-Controlled Power Divisions of Extremely-Wide Tunable Ranges and Arbitrary Phase Differences
A novel structure for realizing a coupler with controllable power divisions is presented, which is composed by two couplers and two phase shifters cascaded between them, and the phase-difference performances can be predicted and controlled flexibly.
China's new environmental protection regulatory regime: Effects and gaps.
Forest edge effect on biomass carbon along altitudinal gradients in Chinese Fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata): A study from Southeastern China
Abstract Monitoring and mapping forest carbon is critical for informing climate change mitigation measures. Evidence indicates that forest edges hold less carbon than the forest interior. In this
The Influence of Forest Resting Environments on Stress Using Virtual Reality
All the seven different types of forest resting environments can produce stress relief effects to some extent, and the conclusions are conducive to the better use of the forest environment for forest therapy services.
A Switch-Based ASK Modulator for 10 Gbps 135 GHz Communication by 0.13 $\mu{\rm m}$ MOSFET
A switch-based ASK modulator implemented by 0.13 μm MOSFET for 135 GHz wireless communication with 10 Gbps data rate is presented and can ensure constant input return-losses which minimize its input impedance variation and keep transmitter signal source with high stability.