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Epoch Extraction From Speech Signals
Epoch is the instant of significant excitation of the vocal-tract system during production of speech. For most voiced speech, the most significant excitation takes place around the instant of glottalExpand
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Combining evidence from residual phase and MFCC features for speaker recognition
The objective of this letter is to demonstrate the complementary nature of speaker-specific information present in the residual phase in comparison with the information present in the conventionalExpand
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Artificial Neural Networks
artificial neural networks , artificial neural networks , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
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Spectral Mapping Using Artificial Neural Networks for Voice Conversion
In this paper, we use artificial neural networks (ANNs) for voice conversion and exploit the mapping abilities of an ANN model to perform mapping of spectral features of a source speaker to that of aExpand
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Significance of group delay functions in spectrum estimation
A method of spectrum estimation using group delay functions is proposed. This method exploits the additive property of the Fourier transform (FT) phase to extract spectral information of the signalExpand
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Voice conversion using Artificial Neural Networks
In this paper, we propose to use Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for voice conversion. We have exploited the mapping abilities of ANN to perform mapping of spectral features of a source speaker toExpand
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Determination of instants of significant excitation in speech using group delay function
A new method for determining the instants of significant excitation in speech signals is proposed. In the paper, significant excitation refers primarily to the instant of glottal closure within aExpand
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Prosody modification using instants of significant excitation
Prosody modification involves changing the pitch and duration of speech without affecting the message and naturalness. This paper proposes a method for prosody (pitch and duration) modification usingExpand
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Gait Analysis for Human Identification
Human gait is an attractive modality for recognizing people at a distance. In this paper we adopt an appearance-based approach to the problem of gait recognition. The width of the outer contour ofExpand
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Epoch extraction from linear prediction residual for identification of closed glottis interval
In voiced speech analysis epochal information is useful in accurate estimation of pitch periods and the frequency response of the vocal tract system. Ideally, linear prediction (LP) residual shouldExpand
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