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Activity of inferior head of human lateral pterygoid muscle during standardized lateral jaw movements.
The data suggest that the IHLP is one of the principal jaw muscles involved in a lateral jaw movement with the teeth together while the other jaw muscles may play a contributory or facilitatory role. Expand
A method of indirect registration of the coordinates of condylar points with a six-degree-of-freedom jaw tracker
This investigation was to develop a method of registering the location of radiographically defined condylar points in the coordinate system of a six-degree-of-freedom jaw-tracking device and to determine the accuracy of this method by using a perspex model in one experiment and a dry skull in another. Expand
The accuracy with which the human condyle can be expressed in the coordinate system of JAWS3D using a unilateral fiducial marker.
The results suggest that a unilateral fiducial marker is sufficient to allow the registration of ipsilateral condylar point coordinates to an accuracy of approximately 1.0 mm. Expand
A working-side change to lateral tooth guidance increases lateral pterygoid muscle activity.
Findings suggest that a change to the occlusion on the working-side in the form of a steeper guidance necessitates an increase in IHLP activity to move the mandible down the steeper Guidance. Expand