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The potential of South African plants in the development of new medicinal products
In this review, more than 90 of the best-known and most promising indigenous South African plants are listed and subjectively evaluated in the context of their potential for commercialisation as medicinal products for a variety of applications.
Reconstructing the deep-branching relationships of the papilionoid legumes
The present matK phylogeny resolves the deep-branching relationships of the papilionoids with increased support for many clades, and suggests that taxonomic realignments of some genera and of numerous tribes are necessary.
Chemistry of Aloe Species
The genus Aloe (Asphodelaceae), with nearly 420 species confined mainly to Africa, has over the years proved to be one of the most important sources of biologically active compounds. Over 130
Fire-survival strategy — a character of taxonomic, ecological and evolutionary importance in fynbos legumes
In fynbos legumes sprouting and non-sprouting taxa differ in their habitat specificity, population densities, relative regional abundance, and in seed germination tempo, so problems relating to the use of sprouting versus non-Sprouting as a taxonomic character in fyn Bos legumes are addressed and possible solutions are given.
A broad review of commercially important southern African medicinal plants
Basic biological information is needed to guide the rapidly accelerating commercialization process, especially the selection of superior clones, the development of new cultivars and the standardization of raw materials.
The potential of South African plants in the development of new food and beverage products
Abstract A review is presented of the history and recent trends in the exploration and development of food plants in southern Africa. The opportunities for developing new crops and new products for
An ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants in the southeastern Karoo, South Africa
Ethnobotanical field studies in the Graaff-Reinet and Murraysburg regions (southeastern Karoo) have revealed a wealth of traditional knowledge on medicinal plants and their uses amongst elderly