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How Climate Change Alters Rhythms of the Wild
The more scientists look, the more connections they see between shifts in climate and changes in animal behavior and populations. On page 854, researchers report that while the number of dippers inExpand
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Reconstructing Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest
CUNHA, BRAZIL-- Some reforestation projects result in little more than tree plantations. An ambitious project in Brazil9s SA£o Paulo state is trying to go further and create a real working ecosystem.Expand
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Putting Theory to the Test
What makes sex so alluring from an evolutionary standpoint? Most theories suggest that sex and recombination remove harmful mutations or allow new combinations of genes to come together, providingExpand
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Does Alcohol Damage Female Brains More?
As researchers begin to probe this question, they are finding surprising and sometimes contradictory evidence that there are sex-specific differences in alcohol9s effects on the brain. UsingExpand
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Chasing the Fickle Swine Flu
After years of stability, the North American swine flu virus has jumped onto an evolutionary fast track, churning out variants every year. Changes in animal husbandry, including increasedExpand
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An Avian Flu Jumps to People
INFECTIOUS DISEASEWhile researchers monitor U.S. pigs for potentially dangerous changes in swine influenza virus ([see main text][1]), recent events on the other side of the world have sounded anExpand
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Systemic anticholinergicside‐effects
allergic reactions tocyclopentolate, a mydriatic agent, are veryrare. Munoz-Bellido et al. recently describeda case of allergic contact urticaria syndromedue to cyclopentolate, and reported twootherExpand
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