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Pseudolaric acid analogs as a new class of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonists.
Extracts of the root and trunk barks of the Chinese tree Pseudolarix kaempferi, which contain pseudolaric acids, are used in Chinese medicine for treatment of fungal infections. Pseudolaric acid BExpand
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Toward the total synthesis of pseudolaric acid B. Preparation of a key intermediate by degradation and its use in the reassembly of the natural product
Synthetic studies of pseudolaric acid B, 2, provided a relay synthesis of pseudolaric acid B (PLAB) via aldehyde 5. The aldehyde 5 can serve: to complete the total synthesis of PLAB; as a precursorExpand
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Studies on the Constituents of Adelostemma gracillimum.
The glycone portion of the glycoside of ADELOSTEMMA GRACILLIMUM Hook. f. (Asclepiadaceae) was investigated. Three known polyoxypregnane ester-type aglycones, penupogenin ( 1) (1, 2), kidjoranine ( 2)Expand
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Cytotoxic ent-kaurene diterpenoids from Isodon gesneroides.
From Isodon gesneroides, three new cytotoxic diterpenoids, gesneroidins A, B and C, together with one known diterpenoid, dawoensin A, were isolated, and the structure determination and unambiguousExpand
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New Indole Alkaloids from Amsonia sinensis.
Fourteen indole alkaloids, Delta (14)-isoeburnamine ( 1), amsosinine ( 2), tabersonine, vincadifformine, lochnericine, tetrahydroalstonine, beta-yohimbine, isoeburnamine, minovicinine, picrinine,Expand
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Conjugate addition of a primary carbon radical to α,β-unsaturated carboxylic acids
Abstract Triethylborane in the presence of trace oxygen was employed simultaneously as a radical initiator and carboxyl protecting group to promote the conjugate radical addition of 2-phenethylExpand
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The Phenomena of Targets Irradiated by an Intense CO2 Laser
Pyrrolidones a substitution phenyle
Cette invention concerne des pyrrolidones a substitution phenyle ainsi que des composes associes aux pyrrolidones a substitution phenyle. Dans un mode de realisation, ces composes sont utilises pourExpand