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Etiology of apple sooty blotch in Poland
Investigations have been undertaken to determine which fungi species are responsible for occurrence of sooty blotch disease in Poland. It was found that disease complex is caused by TripospermumExpand
An investigation of the date of sooty blotch primar y infection and duration of incubation period for selected apple cultivars
The experiments were conducted in the years 2000 ‐ 2002 in Garlica near Krakow and Eososina Dolna near Nowy S ącz on the apple cultivars ‘Florina’, ‘Novamac’, and ‘Witos’. The date of primaryExpand
Influence of fructose and glucose occurring on fruit surface on the growth of fungi that cause sooty blotch of apple
The fungi that cause sooty blotch grow only on the apple skin, so they use appropriate nutrients which are present on the fruit surface. It has been shown that when the first symptoms of sooty blotchExpand
Effect of surface amino acids on the growth of Peltaster fructicola – fungus associated with sooty blotch complex
Studies undertaken in 2002–2004 on ‘Golden Delicious’ apple fruits showed the presence of amino acids on the surface of their skin. Amount of total free amino acids ranged from 2.5 to 3.0 mg/L. In inExpand
The effect of various chemical compounds in the control of sooty blotch
The date of primary infection by fungi causing sooty blotch varied depending on chemical protection programs. In unsprayed orchards the earliest infections occured in late June early July. By usingExpand