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[58] Determination of the tryptophan content of proteins with N-bromosuccinimide
Publisher Summary A rapid and convenient spectrophotometric method for the estimation of tryptophan in proteins, utilizing the reagent N -bromosuccinimide (NBS) is discussed. This chapter discussesExpand
O-Methylation of catechol amines in vivo.
A rapid spectrophotometric assay of mono-amine oxidase based on the rate of disappearance of kynuramine.
Intramolecular (nonenzymatic) condensation of the aminoaldehyde proved to be faster than the further oxidation of the aldehyde to the acid or lactam and has been developed into a rapid method for the assay of monoamine oxidase. Expand
[61] Reactivity toward N-bromosuccinimide as a criterion for buried and exposed tryptophan residues in proteins
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the reactivity toward N -Bromosuccinimide as a criterion for buried and exposed tryptophan residues in proteins. Tryptophan-containing proteins in 8–10 M ureaExpand
Role of the arene oxide-oxepin system in the metabolism of aromatic substrates: I. In vitro conversion of benzene oxide to a premercapturic acid and a dihydrodiol
Abstract On incubation with rabbit liver microsomes, benzene oxide is converted enzymatically to trans-1,2-dihydro-l,2-dihydroxybenzene. The enzyme, “epoxide hydrase,” is found in both the microsomalExpand