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On the quantum mechanics of supermembranes
Abstract We study the quantum-mechanical properties of a supermembrane and examine the nature of its ground state. A supersymmetric gauge theory of area-preserving transformations provides aExpand
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N = 8 supergravity
Abstract The complete structure of N = 8 supergravity is presented with an optional local SO(8) invariance. The SO(8) gauge interactions break E 7 invariance, but leave the local SU(8) unaffected.Expand
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The maximal D = 4 supergravities
All maximal supergravities in four space-time dimensions are presented. The ungauged Lagrangians can be encoded in an E_7(7)\Sp(56,R)/GL(28) matrix associated with the freedom of performingExpand
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Extended conformal supergravity
Abstract We present the complete structure of extended conformal supergravity for N ⩽4. The relation with the graded algebra SU(2, 2| N ) and with the multiplet of currents is discussed. The N = 4Expand
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Symmetry structure of special geometries
Using techniques from supergravity and dimensional reduction, we study the full isometry algebra of K\"ahler and quaternionic manifolds with special geometry. These two varieties are related by theExpand
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Corrections to macroscopic supersymmetric black-hole entropy
We determine the corrections to the entropy of extremal black holes arising from terms quadratic in the Riemann tensor in N=2, D=4 supergravity theories. We follow Wald’s proposal to modify theExpand
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Gauged Supergravities, Tensor Hierarchies, and M-Theory
Deformations of maximal supergravity theories induced by gauging non-abelian subgroups of the duality group reveal the presence of charged M-theory degrees of freedom that are not necessarilyExpand
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Systematics of Higher Spin Gauge Fields
Free-field theories for symmetric tensor and tensor-spinor gauge fields have recently been obtained which describe massless particles of arbitrary integer or half-integer spin. An independentExpand
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d = 11 supergravity with local SU(8) invariance
The transformation rules and field equations of d = 11 supergravity are given in a form which is manifestly covariant under local SU(8) transformations. In this formulation the SO(1, 10) localExpand
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Hypermultiplets, hyperKähler cones and quaternion-Kähler geometry
We study hyperkahler cones and their corresponding quaternion-Kahler spaces. We present a classification of 4(n − 1)-dimensional quaternion- Kahler spaces with n abelian quaternionic isometries,Expand
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