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Tectonic models for accretion of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt
The Central Asian Orogenic Belt (c. 1000–250 Ma) formed by accretion of island arcs, ophiolites, oceanic islands, seamounts, accretionary wedges, oceanic plateaux and microcontinents in a mannerExpand
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A new terrane subdivision for Mongolia: implications for the Phanerozoic crustal growth of Central Asia
Abstract We present a new terrane synthesis for Mongolia that incorporates geological, geochemical and geochronological data from more than 60 years of Mongolian, Russian and joint internationalExpand
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Neoproterozoic to Paleozoic Geology of the Altai Orogen, NW China: New Zircon Age Data and Tectonic Evolution
We present a synthesis and a new account of the geological and tectonic history of the terranes of the Chinese Paleozoic Altai orogen together with new, single zircon ages for granitic andExpand
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Paleozoic multiple accretionary and collisional tectonics of the Chinese Tianshan orogenic collage
Abstract Subduction-related accretion in the Junggar–Balkash and South Tianshan Oceans (Paleo-Asian Ocean), mainly in the Paleozoic, gave rise to the present 2400 km-long Tianshan orogenic collageExpand
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Time scale of an early to mid-Paleozoic orogenic cycle of the long-lived Central Asian Orogenic Belt, Inner Mongolia of China: Implications for continental growth
Abstract We present a detailed, new time scale for an orogenic cycle (oceanic accretion–subduction–collision) that provides significant insights into Paleozoic continental growth processes in theExpand
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Paleozoic accretion and Cenozoic redeformation of the Chinese Tien Shan Range, central Asia
The Tien Shan Range in central Asia contains two late Paleozoic sutures. The older, southern suture marks the collision of a passive margin at the north of the Tarim block and an active continentalExpand
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Evolution of a Permian intraoceanic arc-trench system in the Solonker suture zone, Central Asian Orogenic Belt, China and Mongolia
Abstract The identification of a fossil arc–trench system from the ophiolite-decorated Solonker suture zone in the southernmost Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB) enables us to constrain the timingExpand
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Palaeozoic collisional tectonics and magmatism of the Chinese Tien Shan, central Asia
Abstract The Chinese Tien Shan range is a Palaeozoic orogenic belt which contains two collision zones. The older, southern collision accreted a north-facing passive continental margin on the northExpand
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End-Permian to mid-Triassic termination of the accretionary processes of the southern Altaids: implications for the geodynamic evolution, Phanerozoic continental growth, and metallogeny of Central
The Altaids is one of the largest accretionary orogenic collages in the world with the highest rate of Phanerozoic continental growth and significant metallogenic importance. It is widely acceptedExpand
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The Evolving Continents
A thoroughly revised edition of the highly successful geology textbook that discusses all important new developments in the field. New features include an introductory chapter, a chapter on theExpand
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