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New Media, Social Movements, and Global Sport Studies: A Revolutionary Moment and the Sociology of Sport
By considering three main questions, this article develops an argument for rethinking existing approaches to understanding both sport-related social movements and “local” responses to globalizingExpand
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Navigating neoliberal networks: Transnational Internet platforms in sport for development and peace
Internet platforms are increasingly becoming strategic tools for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) involved in international development to collaborate, share information, and gain legitimacy.Expand
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Sport & Peace: A Sociological Perspective
PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS PART ONE INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF SPORT, SOCIOLOGY, AND PEACE 1. Critiquing Sport, Transforming Sport: An Introduction to the Study of Sport, Sociology, and PeaceExpand
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Digital Activism: Neoliberalism, the Internet, and Sport for Youth Development
This article reports findings from an interview-based study focused around the role of the Internet in the development and operations of four nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that use sport asExpand
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Behind the scenes of sport for development: Perspectives of executives of multinational sport organizations
This article reports findings from a study designed to examine cricket’s role as an international development tool – with a particular focus on how decisions are made at the highest institutionalExpand
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Ruining a good story: Cultivation, perceived realism and narrative
Cultivation research has been criticized for failing to articulate underlying psychological processes and mechanisms. Research into viewers' perceptions of content realism has been implicated in theExpand
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A study of the geographical shifts in global lead production – a possible corresponding shift in potential threats to the environment
Abstract The global shift or movement of commodities and products has been increasing through international trade recently. Although lead is a widely used material and easy to recycle, hence its highExpand
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