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Plasma hemoglobin and hemoglobin fractions in sickle cell crisis.
The geometric mean of plasma hemoglobin concentrations assayed by a modified benzidine procedure in 14 patients with sickle cell anemia (S-S hemoglobin) during 18 painful crises was 8.5 mg. per 100Expand
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Multiple tachykinin binding sites in peripheral tissues and in brain.
Tachykinin binding sites in guinea pig urinary bladder (GPUB), rat salivary gland (RSG), hamster urinary bladder (HUB), rat vas deferens (RVD) and rat cerebral cortex (RCC) were compared usingExpand
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Influence of Repeated Upper Airway Obstruction on the Arousal and Cardiopulmonary Response to Upper Airway Obstruction in Lambs
ABSTRACT: Experiments were done on five Iambs to determine if repeated obstruction of the upper airway influences the arousal and cardiopulmonary response to upper airway obstruction. Each lamb wasExpand
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Stress Management at the Worksite for Hypertension: Compliance, Cost‐Benefit, Health Care and Hypertension‐Related Variables
&NA; The blood pressure‐lowering effects of a group stress management program conducted with hypertensive employees at the worksite were assessed and replicated. Both systolic (SBP) and diastolicExpand
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Effect of sodium cloprostenol and flunixin meglumine on luteolysis and the timing of birth in bitches.
At birth, the physiological role of prostaglandins in bitches is unclear. Bitches were treated before parturition with either saline, the prostaglandin analogue, sodium cloprostenol, or theExpand
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The protective effect of phentolamine against cardiac arrhythmias in the rat.
Norepinephrine was given by continuous infusion at a rate of 80 microgram/kg/min for 2 min. Norepinephrine caused the appearance of cardiac arrhythmias, primarily ventricular extrasystoles. The priorExpand
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The descending and intrinsic serotoninergic innervation of an elasmobranch spinal cord
The descending and the intrinsic components of the Serotoninergic (5HT) innervation of the Atlantic stingray spinal cord were described by comparing the distributions of neuronal elements exhibitingExpand
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The anticonvulsant and behavioural profile of L‐687,414, a partial agonist acting at the glycine modulatory site on the N‐methyl‐D‐aspartate (NMDA) receptor complex
1 The anticonvulsant and behavioural effects of the glycine/NMDA receptor partial agonist, L‐687,414 (R(+)‐cis‐β‐methyl‐3‐amino‐1‐hydroxypyrrolid‐2‐one) have been investigated in rodents. 2 L‐687,414Expand
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Neurotensin is a basic tridecapeptide that was originally isolated from bovine hypothalamus by Leeman and her colleagues.' Subsequently this group has also isolated and sequenced neurotensin fromExpand
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