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Adaptive noise cancelling: Principles and applications
This paper describes the concept of adaptive noise cancelling, an alternative method of estimating signals corrupted by additive noise or interference. The method uses a "primary" input containingExpand
30 years of adaptive neural networks: perceptron, Madaline, and backpropagation
Fundamental developments in feedforward artificial neural networks from the past thirty years are reviewed. Expand
Adaptive Signal Processing
GENERAL INTRODUCTION. Adaptive Systems. The Adaptive Linear Combiner. THEORY OF ADAPTATION WITH STATIONARY SIGNALS. Properties of the Quadratic Performance Surface. Searching the Performance Surface.Expand
Adaptive switching circuits
Stationary and nonstationary learning characteristics of the LMS adaptive filter
This paper describes the performance characteristics of the LMS adaptive filter, a digital filter composed of a tapped delay line and adjustable weights, whose impulse response is controlled by anExpand
The least mean fourth (LMF) adaptive algorithm and its family
New steepest descent algorithms for adaptive filtering and have been devised which allow error minimization in the mean fourth and mean sixth, etc., sense. Expand
Improving the learning speed of 2-layer neural networks by choosing initial values of the adaptive weights
  • D. Nguyen, B. Widrow
  • Computer Science
  • IJCNN International Joint Conference on Neural…
  • 17 June 1990
The authors describe how a two-layer neural network can approximate any nonlinear function by forming a union of piecewise linear segments. Expand
Adaptive Antenna Systems
A system consisting of an antenna array and an adaptive processor can perform filtering in both the space and frequency domains, thus reducing the sensitivity of the signal‐receiving system toExpand
Statistical theory of quantization
The effect of uniform quantization can often be modeled by an additive noise that is uniformly distributed, uncorrelated with the input signal, and has a white spectrum. This paper surveys the theoryExpand
Adaptive inverse control
  • B. Widrow
  • Engineering
  • Defense, Security, and Sensing
  • 1 August 1990
Adaptive control is seen as a two part problem control of plant dynamics and control of plant noise. The two parts are treated separately. An unknown plant will track an input command signal if theExpand