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The suborder Urostylina Jankowski (Ciliophora, Hypotrichida): Morphology, systematics, and identification of species
Etude de l'anatomie interne et des structures ciliaires permettant l'identification des especes du sous ordre Urostylina. Description de Bakuella variabilis n.sp. Holosticha estuarii n.sp. et H.Expand
Ultrastructure and Cortical Morphogenesis in the Euplotine Hypotrich Certesia quadrinucleata Fabre‐Domergue, 1885 (Ciliophora, Protozoa)
The cortical development during cell division and the interphase ultrastructure of the marine interstitial hypotrich Certesia quadrinucleata is described using light microscopy and both scanning andExpand
Signal‐induced Defensive Phenotypic Changes in Ciliated PProtists: Morphological and Ecological Implications for Predator and Prey 1
ABSTRACT. Survival of a potential prey organism depends on the effectiveness of its physical, chemical, behavioral and life history responses to the appearance of a predator. Inducible defenses areExpand
Post-Emergence Movements and Overwintering of Snapping Turtle, Chelydra serpentina , Hatchlings in New York and New Hampshire
Hatchling Common Snapping Turtles ( Chelydra serpentina ) were captured within, or as they emerged from, their nest cavities in Long Island, New York, and in southeastern New Hampshire. They wereExpand
Developmental Polymorphism Induced by Intraspecific Predation in the Ciliated Protozoon Onychodromus quadricornutus
ABSTRACT. The hypotrich ciliate Onychodromus quadricornutus is remarkable in its potential for voluminous size (up to 900 μm in length), its possession of a unique set of four dorsal spines or horns,Expand
Research priorities for freshwater mussel conservation assessment
Freshwater mussels are declining globally, and effective conservation requires prioritizing research and actions to identify and mitigate threats impacting mussel species. Conservation prioritiesExpand
Ultrastructure and morphogenesis of the marine epibenthic ciliate Epiclintes ambiguus (Epiclintidae, n. fam.; Ciliophora).
Epiclintes ambiguus, a highly contractile marine ciliate, has ventral cirri in oblique and marginal rows, and three rows of dorsal cilia, thus is at the hypotrich structural grade. We use lightExpand
Discotricha papillifera: structure and morphogenesis of a marine interstitial ciliate.
Discotricha papillifera Tuffrau, a marine interstitial ciliate, is redescribed with the aid of light, scanning, and transmission electron microscopy from cells collected at a New Hampshire beach.Expand