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Children of Different Worlds: The Formation of Social Behavior
The culmination of twenty years of research, this book is a cross-cultural exploration of the ways in which age, gender, and culture affect the development of social behavior in children. The authorsExpand
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The Anatomy of Envy: A Study in Symbolic Behavior [and Comments and Reply]
Envy is a pan-human phenomenon, universally feared, at least subconsciously, as a particularly dangerous emotion, since it implies hostility and aggression capable of destroying individuals and evenExpand
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Children of Six Cultures: A Psycho-Cultural Analysis
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My Brother's Keeper: Child and Sibling Caretaking [and Comments and Reply]
Children often act as caretakers responsible for other children. Such child caretaking varies widely in its frequency, as well as in the degree of institutionalization, relationship to parentalExpand
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A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Sex Differences in the Behavior of Children Aged Three Through 11
Summary Our study suggests that (a) there are universal sex differences in the behavior of children 3–11 years of age, but the differences are not consistent nor as great as the studies of AmericanExpand
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Six cultures : studies of child rearing
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The problem of the packaged variable
Dual orifice spray nozzles for spraying of fluids and other sprayable materials which produce two cone-shaped sprays of very fine droplets that are uniformly discharged by the use of two swirlExpand
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Handbook of cross-cultural human development
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