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Metabolic changes in Asian Muslim pregnant mothers observing the Ramadan fast in Britain.
1. Metabolic changes associated with Ramadan fasting were studied in eleven Asian pregnant mothers. This was compared with a group of control mothers undergoing a normal physiological fast. 2. At theExpand
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Fortification of flour with folic acid
Thirty three years ago Hibbard and Smithells linked folate deficiency in pregnancy with neural tube defects.1 Smithells then led a series of observational and intervention studies which showed thatExpand
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Diet and faecal flora in the newborn: breast milk and infant formula.
This study examined the faecal flora on days 4, 14, and 28 of 17 breast fed babies and 26 bottle fed babies receiving a modern infant formula based on demineralized whey. Generally among breast fedExpand
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  • B. Wharton
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  • British journal of haematology
  • 1 August 1999
Despite a plethora of papers, reports and consensus statements during the last 25 years concerning the high prevalence and complications of iron de®ciency (ID), the problem is still with us. A recentExpand
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Treatment with iron increases weight gain and psychomotor development.
Previous work at this hospital and elsewhere has shown that anaemia in toddlers is common and is associated with psychomotor delay. It seemed unclear, however, whether this association was cause andExpand
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Acute bacterial infection in kwashiorkor and marasmus.
" God cast down on them great tribulation, famine, and pesti lence: the people perished." So Hesiod (c. 700 B.c.) described the association between famine and pestilence, and they have been firmlyExpand
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Dietary protein energy supplementation of pregnant Asian mothers at Sorrento, Birmingham. II: Selective during third trimester only.
Unselective dietary protein energy supplementation of Asian mothers at Sorrento Maternity Hospital did not enhance intrauterine growth. The effect of selective supplementation was therefore studied.Expand
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Faecal short chain fatty acids in breast‐fed and formula‐fed babies
Edwards CA, Parrett AM, Balmer SE, Wharton BA. Faecal short chain fatty acids in breast‐fed and formula‐fed babies. Acta Pædiatr 1994;83:459–62. Stockholm. ISSN 0803–5253
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Diet-related reference values for plasma amino acids in newborns measured by reversed-phase HPLC.
We have measured by reversed-phase HPLC concentrations of amino acids in plasma in groups of 80 normal appropriate-weight term babies fed from birth either a casein formula (WhiteCap SMA, n = 26), aExpand
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Iron Deficiency and the Brain
Parks, Y. A. and Wharton, B. A. (Community Health and Mental Handicap Services, Canterbury; University of Glasgow, Department of Human Nutrition, Glasgow, UK). Iron deficiency and the brain.
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