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Polymicrobial etiology of acute pelvic inflammatory disease.
Tuboperitoneal gonococcal infection probably causes pelvic inflammatory disease in most patients with cervical gonitiscal infection, whereas polymicrobial tuboperitoneAL infection probably cause most nongonococcal cases. Expand
Etiology of nongonococcal urethritis.
The cause of chlamydia-negative NGU and PGU remains obscure and tetracycline treatment of both sex partners appears advisable. Expand
Plaque Assay of Cytomegalovirus Strains of Human Origin
The use of human fibroblasts with an agarose overlay medium for the plaque assay of Herpesvirus hominis was found to be a reliable and practical method and this technique has now been modified for use in assaying cytomegalovirus (CMV) strains of human origin. Expand
Seroepidemiology of infectious due to members of the herpesvirus group.
Pneumococcal isolations from patients with pneumonia and control subjects in a prepaid medical care group.
Pneumococcal pneumonia was not a serious problem in this average, employed population in Seattle and the rate of pneumococcal infections and carriers was highest in the spring. Expand
Jamestown Canyon virus (California serogroup) is the etiologic agent of widespread infection in Michigan humans.
It is confirmed that complement fixation and hemagglutination-inhibition tests with La Crosse virus (the only tests for California serogroup virus infections performed by most state diagnostic laboratories) fail to detect antibody to Jamestown Canyon virus, further supporting the hypothesis that white-tailed deer are the primary vertebrate host for JamestOWN Canyon virus. Expand
Correlation of circulating capsular polysaccharide with bacteremia in pneumococcal pneumonia.
Immunoelectroosmophoresis with rabbit anticapsular antibody was used to detect type-specific pneumococcal polysaccharide in serum from bacteremic patients with pneumococcal pneumonia. The test couldExpand
In vitro antibacterial activity of trospectomycin (U-63366F), a novel spectinomycin analog.
Trospectomycin demonstrated a moderate level of activity (comparable to that of spectinomycin) for most species of the family Enterobacteriaceae tested and was generally cross resistant with spectincycin. Expand
Diagnostic Procedures for Bacterial Infections
Isolation of Chlamydia trachomatis by use of 5-iodo-2-deoxyuridine-treated cells.
Data indicate that IUDR treatment of cells is at least equally effective for the isolation of C. trachomatis, and stock chlamydial strains gave similar titers of iodine-stained inclusions in either system. Expand