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Language policy and political development
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LANGUAGE STRATEGISTS: Redefining Political Frontiers on the Basis of Linguistic Choices
and wealth. Cultural elites define the group in terms of where frontiers begin and end. The two leaders rarely merge in one individual; more often, each plays a different but complementary role.Expand
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Shakespeare's Forgivable Portrayal of Shylock
The extended equation "Shylock = detestable usurer = Jew" is an incendiary excuse for fostering anti-Semitism in Western civilization. The association of Jews with usury precedes Shakespeare'sExpand
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GNSS receiver evaluation : record-and-playback test methods
Researchers at the university of Colorado have successfully used radio frequency record-and-playback systems (RPS) have gathered importance commercially because it offers the best way to test hardw ... Expand
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Ethiopian Jews in Israel: Socialization and Re-education.
Approximately 15,000 Black Jews from Ethiopia have arrived over the past few years in the State of Israel. They call themselves Beta Israel or House of Israel, but their former Christian and MuslimExpand
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Social Communication Methodology in the Study of Nation-Building
The basis of nationality is the sense of belonging to the same nation and the desire on the part of its members to live with each other at this level of community. When the political scientist wantsExpand
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Biblical Evidence of Spice Trade Between India and the Land of Israel: A Historical Analysis
Sacred Jewish texts offer useful indications about trade in spices, such as pepper and other commodities, between India and the Land of Israel. My research has not revealed any systematic study ofExpand
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The Western Sahara
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