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Mesozoic contraction deformation in the Yanshan and northern Taihang mountains and its implications to the destruction of the North China Craton
Mesozoic contraction deformation in the Yanshan and Taihang mountains is characterized by basement-involved thrust tectonics, basement-cored buckling anticlines and ductile thrust and nappeExpand
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Geochronology, Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting of the Bairiqiete Granodiorite Intrusion (Rock Mass) from the Buqingshan Tectonic Mélange Belt in the Southern Margin of East Kunlun
: This study focuses on the zircon U–Pb geochronology and geochemistry of the Bairiqiete granodiorite intrusion (rock mass) from the Buqingshan tectonic melange belt in the southern margin of EastExpand
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Cambrian (~510 Ma) ophiolites of the East Kunlun orogen, China: A case study from the Acite ophiolitic tectonic mélange
ABSTRACT The Acite ophiolitic mélange represents a remnant of the Proto-Tethys forearc oceanic lithosphere. Two gabbros yield zircon 206Pb/238U ages of 510-512 Ma. The magmatic rocks are divided intoExpand
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Constraints of late Cambrian mafic rocks from the Qushi'ang ophiolite on a back-arc system in a continental margin, East Kunlun Orogen, Western China
Abstract Early Palaeozoic ophiolites emplaced in the central East Kunlun fault zone (CEKF) offer critical clues to the tectonic evolution of the Proto-Tethys ocean and the accretionary process ofExpand
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Structural deformation of Xinyang-Yuanlong ductile shear zone in Tianshui area,Western Qinling Mountains,and its geological significance
The Xinyang-Yuanlong ductile shear zone on the north margin of Western Qinling Mountains is the main ductile tectonic boundary which separates the Western Qinling orogenic belt from the NorthernExpand
Deformation Microstructures and Mechanism of Ultrahigh-Pressure Garnet Wehrlite from Bixiling,Dabie Mountains
Studies of deformed microstructures of peridotite in ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic belt are conductive to understand rheological property and deformation mechanism of mantle materials derived fromExpand