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Four-Fermion Production in Electron-Positron Collisions /
This report summarises the results of the four-fermion working group of the LEP2-MC workshop, held at CERN from 1999 to 2000. Recent developments in the calculation of four-fermion processes in
Coherent exclusive exponentiation for precision Monte Carlo calculations
We present the new coherent exclusive exponentiation (CEEX), the older exclusive exponentiation (EEX), and the semianalytical inclusive exponentiation (IEX) for the process e{sup -}e{sup
All order "-expansion of Gauss hypergeometric functions with integer and half/integer values of parameters ¤
It is proved that the Laurent expansion of the following Gauss hypergeometric functions, 2F1 (I1+ae, I2+be; I3+c e;z) , 2F1 (I1+ae, I2+be; I3+½+c e;z) , 2F1 (I1+½+ae, I2+be; I3+c e;z) , 2F1 (I1+½+ae,
Event generators for Bhabha scattering
The results obtained by the "Event Generators for Bhabha Scattering" working group during the CERN Workshop "Physics at LEP2" (1994/1995) are presented.
Standard model theory for the FCC-ee Tera-Z stage : report on the Mini Workshop Precision EW and QCD Calculations for the FCC Studies : Methods and Tools, 12–13 January 2018, CERN, Geneva
The proposed 100 km circular collider FCC at CERN is planned to operate in one of its modes as an electronpositron FCC-ee machine. We give an overview, comparing the theoretical status of Z boson