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A Benefit Congruency Framework of Sales Promotion Effectiveness
Are monetary savings the only explanation for consumer response to a sales promotion? If not, how do the different consumer benefits of a sales promotion influence its effectiveness? To address theExpand
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Environmental factors that increase the food intake and consumption volume of unknowing consumers.
  • B. Wansink
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  • Annual review of nutrition
  • 9 June 2004
Package size, plate shape, lighting, socializing, and variety are only a few of the environmental factors that can influence the consumption volume of food far more than most people realize. AlthoughExpand
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Can “Low-Fat” Nutrition Labels Lead to Obesity?
In this era of increasing obesity and increasing threats of legislation and regulation of food marketing practices, regulatory agencies have pointedly asked how “low-fat” nutrition claims mayExpand
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The Biasing Health Halos of Fast Food Restaurant Health Claims: Lower Calorie Estimates and Higher Side-Dish Consumption Intentions
Why is America a land of low-calorie food claims yet high-calorie food intake? Four studies show that people are more likely to underestimate the caloric content of main dishes and to chooseExpand
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Asking Questions: The Definitive Guide to Questionnaire Design -- For Market Research, Political Polls, and Social and Health Questionnaires
Preface and Acknowledgments. The Authors. Part I. Strategies for Asking Questions. 1. The Social Context of Question Asking. Part II. Tactics for Asking Questions. 2. Asking Nonthreatening QuestionsExpand
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Beyond nudges: Tools of a choice architecture
The way a choice is presented influences what a decision-maker chooses. This paper outlines the tools available to choice architects, that is anyone who present people with choices. We divide theseExpand
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The Influence of Assortment Structure on Perceived Variety and Consumption Quantities
Increasing the actual variety of an assortment has been shown previously to increase the quantity consumed. We show, however, that consumption quantities are also influenced by the perceived varietyExpand
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Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think
Join us for lively discussion as Professor Wansink reveals the research surrounding the search to help companies develop " win-win " strategies to help people eat more nutritiously and control theirExpand
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Is Obesity Caused by Calorie Underestimation? A Psychophysical Model of Meal Size Estimation
Abstract Calorie underestimation is often alleged to contribute to obesity. By developing a psychophysical model of meal size estimation, the authors show that the association between body mass andExpand
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Plate Size and Color Suggestibility: The Delboeuf Illusion’s Bias on Serving and Eating Behavior
Despite the challenged contention that consumers serve more onto larger dinnerware, it remains unclear what would cause this and who might be most at risk. The results of five studies suggest thatExpand
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