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Leveraging Code Smell Detection with Inter-smell Relations
The variety of code smells deserves a numerous set of detectors capable of sensing them. There exist several sources of data that may be examined: code metrics, existence of particular elements in anExpand
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Toward maturity model for extreme programming
Extreme programming (XP) is a lightweight software development methodology. It attracts attention of many software development teams and its popularity is growing very fast. A part of success comesExpand
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Antipattern and Code Smell False Positives: Preliminary Conceptualization and Classification
Anti-patterns and code smells are archetypes used for describing software design shortcomings that can negatively affect software quality, in particular maintainability. Tools, metrics andExpand
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Investigating the Impact of Code Smells on System's Quality: An Empirical Study on Systems of Different Application Domains
There are various activities that support software maintenance. Program comprehension and detection of design anomalies and their symptoms, like code smells and anti patterns, are particularlyExpand
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The relationship between design patterns and code smells: An exploratory study
Context-Design patterns represent recommended generic solutions to various design problems, whereas code smells are symptoms of design issues that could hinder further maintenance of a softwareExpand
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Inter-smell relations in industrial and open source systems: A replication and comparative analysis
The presence of anti-patterns and code smells can affect adversely software evolution and quality. Recent work has shown that code smells that appear together in the same file (i.e., collocatedExpand
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Balancing Agility and Formalism in Software Engineering: Second IFIP TC 2 Central and East Conference on Software Engineering Techniques, CEE-SET 2007
This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the Second IFIP TC 2 Central and East Conference on Software Engineering Techniques, CEE-SET 2007, held in Poznan, Poland,Expand
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Multi-criteria Detection of Bad Smells in Code with UTA Method
Bad smells are indicators of inappropriate code design and implementation. They suggest a need for refactoring, i.e. restructuring the program towards better readability, understandability andExpand
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Aspect-oriented Response Injection: an Alternative to Classical Mutation Testing
Due to increasing importance of test cases in software development, there is a need to verify and assure their quality. Mutation testing is an effective technique of checking if tests react properlyExpand
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Immunochemical similarities between subunits of acetylcholine receptors from Torpedo, Electrophorus, and mammalian muscle.
Polypeptide chains composing acetylcholine receptors from the electric organs of Torpedo californica and Electrophorus electricus were purified and labeled with 125I. Immunochemical studies withExpand
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