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Temporal Planning using Subgoal Partitioning and Resolution in SGPlan
We present a partition-and-resolve strategy that looks for locally optimal subplans in constraint-partitioned temporal planning subproblems and that resolves those inconsistent global constraints across the subpro problems. Expand
Significance and Challenges of Big Data Research
In recent years, the rapid development of Internet, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing have led to the explosive growth of data in almost every industry and business area. Expand
Stream Cube: An Architecture for Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Data Streams
For fast online multi-dimensional analysis of stream data, three important techniques are proposed for efficient and effective computation of stream cubes. Expand
Algorithms for the satisfiability (SAT) problem: A survey
We present a general algorithm space that integrates existing SAT algorithms into a unified perspective and provide a set of practical applications. Expand
Multi-Dimensional Regression Analysis of Time-Series Data Streams
Real-time production systems and other dynamic environments often generate tremendous (potentially infinite) amount of stream data; the volume of data is too huge to be stored on disks or scannedExpand
An Efficient Global-Search Strategy in Discrete Lagrangian Methods for Solving Hard Satisfiability Problems
We present an efficient global-search strategy that penalizes a search for visiting points close to points visited before in the trajectory, where penalties are computed based on the Hamming distances between the current and historical points in the trajectories. Expand
A discrete Lagrangian-based global-search method for solving satisfiability problems
  • B. Wah, Yi Shang
  • Computer Science
  • Satisfiability Problem: Theory and Applications
  • 1996
Scheduling of Genetic Algorithms in a Noisy Environment
In this paper, we develop new methods for adjusting configuration parameters of genetic algorithms operating in a noisy environment. Expand
Star-Cubing: Computing Iceberg Cubes by Top-Down and Bottom-Up Integration
We present a new method, Star-Cubing, that integrates the strengths of the previous three algorithms and performs aggregations on multiple dimensions simultaneously. Expand
A Discrete Lagrangian-Based Global-Search Method for Solving Satisfiability Problems
We propose a new discrete Lagrange-multiplier-based global-search method (DLM) for solving satisfiability problems that uses Lagrange multipliers to lead the search out of local minima. Expand