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Understanding consumer acceptance of mobile payment services: An empirical analysis
The conceptual model developed and tested in this research focuses on factors determining consumers' acceptance of mobile payment services, and the empirical results show particularly strong support for the effects of compatibility, individual mobility, and subjective norm. Expand
Business Models: Origin, Development and Future Research Perspectives
The concept of business models has reached global impact, both for company's competitive success and in management science. Its application by authors from diverse areas has led to a previously veryExpand
Strategic development of business models: Implications of the web 2.0 for creating value on the internet
There is virtually a consensus that, to remain competitive, firms must continuously develop and adapt their business models. However, relatively little is known about how managers can go aboutExpand
A conceptualization of website attractiveness in the context of social media and its relevance for potential usage is described, which shows that social media website attractiveness is determined by the 2nd-order dimensions interaction orientation, social networking and user-added value. Expand
Artificial Intelligence and the Public Sector—Applications and Challenges
ABSTRACT Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have attracted great attention from researchers and practitioners and have opened up a broad range of beneficial opportunities for AI usage in theExpand
Reconfiguration of Value Chains in Converging Media and Communications Markets
Abstract The media and communications markets are undergoing a fundamental transformation. Information and communication firms such as Time Warner and AT&T are pushing into new sectors and alteringExpand
Factors of internal corporate social responsibility and the effect on organizational commitment
Internal corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an essential part of organizations' social responsibility. Yet, to date, CSR's internal dimension has been widely neglected in theExpand
Business Model Innovation: Development, Concept and Future Research Directions
Purpose: Although business model innovation (BMI) has gained substantial importance in recent years, there is still a limited understanding of this phenomenon. Yet, the corresponding scholarlyExpand
Customer retention management in the B2C electronic business
Abstract Businesses competing in the internet economy are turning their attention and resources towards increasing the retention of their customers and users. This paper examines how customerExpand