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System R: relational approach to database management
This paper contains a description of the overall architecture and design of the system, and emphasizes that System R is a vehicle for research in database architecture, and is not planned as a product. Expand
An authorization mechanism for a relational database system
A multiuser database system must selectively permit users to share data, while retaining the ability to restrict data access, and an algorithm for detecting exactly which of B's grants should be revoked is presented. Expand
SEQUEL 2: A Unified Approach to Data Definition, Manipulation, and Control
SEQUEL 2 is a relational data language that provides a consistent, English keyword-oriented set of facilities for query, data definition, data manipulation, and datac ontrol. SEQUEL 2 may be usedExpand
A history and evaluation of System R
The three principal phases of the System R project are described and some of the lessons learned from System R about the design of relational systems and database systems in general are discussed. Expand
Support for repetitive transactions and ad hoc queries in System R
The architecture of System R is described, some preliminary measurements of system performance in both the ad hoc query and the “canned program” environments are given, and much of the work of parsing, name binding, and access path selection from the path of a running program is removed. Expand
System R: An Architectural Overview
JANUS: An Interactive Document Formatter Based on Declarative Tags
The architecture of an experimental document composition system named JANUS, which is intended to support authors of complex documents containing mixtures of text and images, is described. Expand
IBM Relational Database Systems: The Early Years
The research challenges faced by the System R team are described and how the technology they created has influenced the development of the modern database industry is described. Expand
System R: A Relational Data Base Management System
A relational approach makes this experimental data base management system unusually easy to install and use and offers major bonuses in other areas. Expand
An authorization mechanism for a relational data base system
Because revocation may be performed dynamically, a user's authorization for a table must be checked dynamically and a scheme which attempts to minimize the cost of such revalidation is presented. Expand