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Measurements of toluene and other aromatic hydrocarbons by differential-absorption LIDAR in the near-ultraviolet
The first measurements of toluene by differential-absorption LIDAR in the near-ultraviolet spectral region are reported. A pulse energy of 4.5 mJ was used for the measurement, generated byExpand
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Measurement of the speed of light II. Wavelength measurements and conclusion
Wavelength measurements have been carried out on the radiation at 9.3 pm from a stabilized CO2 laser. The wavelength in vacuum was determined as 9 317 246 348 femtometres (fm), with a standard errorExpand
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Heat transfer at the interface of dissimilar materials: Evidence of thermal-comparator experiments
Abstract A recent publication has drawn attention to a marked directional dependence of the heat flow at the interface of certain contacting metals, and considers the effect to be associated with theExpand
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Measurements of fugitive hydrocarbon emissions with a tunable infrared DIAL
A tunable infrared differential absorption lidar (DIAL) system has been designed and developed at the National Physics Lab (NPL) which is capable of making measurements throughout the spectral regionExpand
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Errors in spectroscopic measurements of SO2 due to nonexponential absorption of laser radiation, with application to the remote monitoring of atmospheric pollutants.
Methods of measuring the concentration of atmospheric pollutants by laser absorption spectroscopy, such as differential absorption lidar (DIAL) and integrated long-path techniques, all rely on theExpand
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High-resolution spectroscopy of SO2 using a frequency-doubled, continuous-wave dye laser
Abstract The SO 2 molecule is of considerable interest in the context of atmospheric pollution, and in many laser monitoring techniques the ultraviolet absorption band at 300 nm is used to determineExpand
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Experimental and theoretical studies related to a dye laser differential lidar system for the determination of atmospheric So2 and NO2 concentrations
Abstract Laboratory measurements of the absorption coefficients of NO2 at wavelengths suitable for the operation of differential absorption lidar (DIAL) systems, at around 446 nm and 489 nm areExpand
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High-resolution spectroscopy of SO2 using a frequency-doubled pulsed dye laser, with application to the remote sensing of atmospheric pollutants
Abstract Accurate, high-resolution measurements have been made of the SO 2 absorption spectrum in the ultraviolet from 297.0 to 301.0 nm, using a frequency-doubled dye laser of bandwidth 2 × 10 -3Expand
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Absolute frequencies of the methane-stabilized HeNe laser (3.39μm) and the CO2, R(32) stabilized laser (10.17μm)
The frequencies of two infrared lasers stabilized by molecular absorption lines have been measured by using a frequency-synthesis chain extending down to the caesium frequency standard. The measuredExpand
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Measurement of the speed of light I. Introduction and frequency measurement of a carbon dioxide laser
This, and part II following, describe a determination of the speed of light made by measuring the frequency and wavelength of radiation from a CO2 laser. This laser was operated on the 9.3 μm R(12)Expand
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