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Role of silicon in diatom metabolism. A silicon requirement for deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in the diatom Cylindrotheca fusiformis Reimann and Lewin.
Silicon deprivation of young cells of C. fusiformis in light-dark synchronized cultures completely inhibited mitosis without affecting normal increase in volume. During the first 12 h of siliconExpand
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Bacillus marismortui sp. nov., a new moderately halophilic species from the Dead Sea.
A group of 91 moderately halophilic, Gram-positive, rod-shaped strains were isolated from enrichments prepared from Dead Sea water samples collected 57 years ago. These strains were examined for 117Expand
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Lipid components of diatoms.
Abstract 1. 1. The total lipids of five species of marine diatoms and one fresh-water diatom were studied chromatographically and the major components identified. All species contained glycerides,Expand
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A gene family of silicon transporters
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Silicon and Siliceous Structures in Biological Systems
Of course, from childhood to forever, we are always thought to love reading. It is not only reading the lesson book but also reading everything good is the choice of getting new inspirations.Expand
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The ultrastructure of the oval, fusiform and triradiate morphotypes of Phaeodactylum tricornutum Bohlin is described. The organization and structure of the cytoplasmic organelles is similar in allExpand
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Characterization of a silicon transporter gene family in Cylindrotheca fusiformis: sequences, expression analysis, and identification of homologs in other diatoms
Abstract The transport of silicon is an integral part of the synthesis of the silicified cell wall of diatoms, yet knowledge of the number, features, and regulation of silicon transporters isExpand
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Studies on the biochemistry and fine structure of silicia shell formation in diatoms VII. Sequential cell wall development in the pennateNavicula pelliculosa
SummaryThe development of the wall of synchronized culture ofN. pelliculosa is described. The first step, modification of the 3-2 configuration of the girdle bands of the wall during interphase,Expand
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Reclassification of Bacillus marismortui as Salibacillus marismortui comb. nov.
Recently, the features of a group of strains isolated from Dead Sea enrichments obtained in 1936 by one of us (B. E. Volcani) were described. They were gram-positive, moderately halophilic,Expand
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Phylogenetic analyses of some extremely halophilic archaea isolated from Dead Sea water, determined on the basis of their 16S rRNA sequences.
Twenty-two extremely halophilic aerobic archaeal strains were isolated from enrichments prepared from Dead Sea water samples collected 57 years ago. The isolates were phenotypically clustered intoExpand
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