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Zen War Stories
Part I. The Zen Master Wept. Monks and Soldiers Move on their Stomachs. The Zen of Assassination. Oomori Sogen - The Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of Zen. Zen Master Dogen Goes to War - The Militarist andExpand
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Zen at War
A compelling history of the contradictory, often militaristic, role of Zen Buddhism, this book meticulously documents the close and previously unknown support of a supposedly peaceful religion forExpand
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Meditation to Kill and Be Killed By
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Religious Responses to Natural Disasters: From Hurricane Katrina to the Great East Japan Earthquake
As the following New York Times article of July 18, 2012, reveals, religious responses to natural disasters are as fresh as yesterday’s news: The Obama administration warned Wednesday that foodExpand
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Carry the Buddha out into the Street! A Sliver of Buddhist Resistance to Japanese Militarism
Despite Buddhism’s reputation as a religion of peace, by the 1920s institutional Japanese Buddhism was, as a whole, a firm if not fervent supporter of Japan’s increasing repression of the left wingExpand
Japanese Buddhism in the Third Reich
While the Tripartite Pact between Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and the Empire of Japan is well known, the cultural ties that paralleled this military pact have been far less studied. In particular,Expand
Teaching Buddhism and Violence
An Ethical Critique of Wartime Zen
This article explores the ethical implications of those numerous Japanese Zen masters who so strongly and unconditionally supported Japanese aggression during the Asia-Pacific War (1937-45) andExpand