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Aging and nonlinear heart rate control in a healthy population.
In recent years more studies are using nonlinear dynamics to describe cardiovascular control. Because of the large dispersion of physiological data, it is important to have large studies with bothExpand
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Transplacental infection and apparently immunotolerance induced by a wild-type bluetongue virus serotype 8 natural infection.
Until recently, bluetongue (BT) virus (BTV) serotypes reportedly causing transplacental infections were all ascribed to the use of modified live virus strains. During the 2007 BT epidemic in Belgium,Expand
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The Most Likely Time and Place of Introduction of BTV8 into Belgian Ruminants
Background In northern Europe, bluetongue (BT) caused by the BT virus (BTV), serotype 8, was first notified in August 2006 and numerous ruminant herds were affected in 2007 and 2008. However, theExpand
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1 The present study assesses the effects of autonomic blockade (a‐ and b‐adrenoceptor and cholinergic) on cardiovascular function studied by heart rate variability (HRV), blood pressure variabilityExpand
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Cardiovascular autonomic control after short-duration spaceflights
Abstract After spaceflight, astronauts sometimes suffer a variable degree of reduced orthostatic tolerance. Although many studies have addressed this problem, many aspects remain unclear. Also, it isExpand
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Steep fall in cardiac output is main determinant of hypotension during drug-free and nitroglycerine-induced orthostatic vasovagal syncope.
BACKGROUND How much of the hypotension occurring during postural syncope is cardiac output-mediated and how much can be ascribed to a fall in systemic vascular resistance are unknown. TheExpand
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Cardiac output and sympathetic vasoconstrictor responses during upright tilt to presyncope in healthy humans
Key points  •  Syncope is a common clinical condition occurring even in healthy people without manifest cardiovascular disease; we determined the role of cardiac output and sympatheticExpand
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Bluetongue virus antibodies in wild red deer in southern Belgium
SIR, — Bluetongue virus serotype 8 (btv-8) emerged for the first time in northern Europe during summer 2006 in the Belgian/Dutch/German border region. The virus has subsequently spread over a largeExpand
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Operational point of neural cardiovascular regulation in humans up to 6 months in space.
Entering weightlessness affects central circulation in humans by enhancing venous return and cardiac output. We tested whether the operational point of neural cardiovascular regulation in space setsExpand
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Effects of aerobic training intensity on resting, exercise and post-exercise blood pressure, heart rate and heart-rate variability
We aimed to investigate the effects of endurance training intensity (1) on systolic blood pressure (SBP) and heart rate (HR) at rest before exercise, and during and after a maximal exercise test; andExpand
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