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On Feature Spreading and the Representation of Place of Articulation
Since Clements (1985) introduced feature geometry, four major innovations have been proposed: Unified Feature Theory, Vowel-Place Theory, Strict Locality, and Partial Spreading. We set out theExpand
The Laryngeal Specifications of Fricatives
  • B. Vaux
  • History
  • Linguistic Inquiry
  • 1 July 1998
Phonologists have traditionally assumed that the unmarked laryngeal state of fricatives is to be unaspirated ([spread glottis]). However, the data analyzed here, which are drawn from Armenian, Greek,Expand
The phonology of Armenian
Introduction 1. Survey of Armenian phonology 2. Theoretical background 3. Syllabification 4. Stress assignment and metrical structure 5. Vowel harmony 6. Consonant-vowel interactions 7. LaryngealExpand
Laryngeal markedness and aspiration
We argue that the common phonological assumptions that (i) plain voiceless consonants are less marked than voiceless aspirates and (ii) the unmarked twoway stop system opposes unaspirated voiced and voiceless members are incorrect, and that the maximally unmarked single-series stop is unspecified for laryngeal features. Expand
Why the Phonological Component must be Serial and Rule‐Based 1
This chapter provides general arguments for replacing Optimality Theory with a theory that employs ordered rules and derivations. Expand
The status of ATR in feature geometry
A l'encontre de Clement (1990) qui propose d'eliminer le trait [ATR] de la geometrie des traits, l'A. apporte la preuve que ce trait sert a rendre compte de phenomenes phonologiques impliquant desExpand
Explaining vowel systems: dispersion theory vs natural selection
Abstract We argue that the cross-linguistic distribution of vowel systems is best accounted for by grammar-external forces of learnability operating in tandem with cognitive constraints onExpand
Syllabification in Armenian, Universal Grammar, and the Lexicon
  • B. Vaux
  • Computer Science
  • Linguistic Inquiry
  • 2003
This article approaches from a new angle the question of the extent to which predictable information is stored in the lexicon. Expand
Consonant Harmony in Karaim