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Acute effects of cadmium on preovulatory serum FSH, LH, and prolactin levels and on ovulation and ovarian hormone secretion in estrous rats.
On the day of diestrus II CFY rats were given 5, 10, or 15 mg/kg cadmium chloride (CdCl2) or 1.0 mL/kg of 0.9% NaCl for FSH, LH, prolactin (PRL), progesterone (P), and estradiol-17 beta (E2) determination, and their secretion rates were calculated.
Effect of local GABA administration on rat ovarian blood flow, and on progesterone and estradiol secretion.
The present findings indicate that local GABAergic mechanisms may be involved in the regulation of ovarian blood flow and hormone secretion.
Age dependent accumulation of cadmium in the human ovary.
It can be proposed that Cd may be a risk factor for conception and pregnancy in women in their forties as it increased linearly between 30 and 65 years of age.
Cyclic changes in utero-ovarian blood flow and ovarian hormone secretion in the hamster: effects of adrenocorticotropin, luteinizing hormone, and follicle-stimulating hormone.
These experiments were designed to determine utero-ovarian vein blood flow and ovarian secretion rates and the ability of ACTH, LH, or FSH to modify these parameters in the cyclic hamster. Hamsters
Uptake and distribution of Cd in the ovaries, adrenals, and pituitary in pseudopregnant rats: effect of Cd on progesterone serum levels.
It is supposed that the regressing luteal tissue is more sensitive to the toxic effects of Cd than the developing one.
Zinc protection against cadmium-induced infertility in female rats. Effect of zinc and cadmium on the progesterone production of cultured granulosa cells
While Zn protected against Cd-induced sterility in vivo, it failed to counteract the direct effect of Cd on steroid biosynthesis and the data indicate that Zn protection does not take place at the level of ovary.
Effect of cadmium on female fertility, pregnancy and postnatal development in the rat.
It is concluded that Cd given prior mating may lead to sterility in a dose-dependent fashion, suggested to be caused by anovulation resulting from reversible pituitary disfunction.
Study on the role of maternal sex steroid production and metabolism in the embryotoxicity of para-xylene.
It is concluded that para-xylene, by inducing the hepatic monooxygenase system, facilitates the biotransformation of progesterone and 17 beta-oestradiol, which is metabolized by this enzyme system.
Effect of secretin, pancreozymin, histamine and Decholin® on canine pancreatic blood flow
SummaryIf injected into the superior pancreatico-duodenal artery secretin, pancreozymin, histamine and Decholin® each significantly increases the amount of blood flowing through the artery and the
An extra-adrenal effect of corticotrophin.