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In Search of America's Past: Learning to Read History in Elementary School
Bruce VanSledright shows how young students can benefit from an investigative, inquiry-based approach to the study of history, as called for by the national standards. Addressing important questionsExpand
What Does It Mean to Think Historically ... and How Do You Teach It
THERE IS A LOT OF TALK THESE DAYS about thinking historically. Policy makers use the term. So do teachers, curriculum writers, test makers, and administrators. And above all researchers use it--aExpand
Narratives of Nation-State, Historical Knowledge, and School History Education
Apparently, protecting the hallowed ground of the nation-building story of American history from threatening forces prompted state policymakers to legislate its protection. Such a move provoked yetExpand
Confronting History’s Interpretive Paradox While Teaching Fifth Graders to Investigate the Past
This article reports on one facet of a researcher–practitioner project undertaken with class of 23 diverse fifth graders. The project was rooted in taking recent history education reforms seriously.Expand
Fifth Graders Investigating History in the Classroom: Results from a Researcher-Practitioner Design Experiment
This article reports on a study in which I engaged in a design experiment in a diverse classroom of 23 fifth graders in a large elementary school. As a researcher-practitioner, I taught AmericanExpand
Reading American History: The Influence of Multiple Sources on Six Fifth Graders
Traditional elementary history textbooks have been criticized severely. These criticisms, along with movement toward whole-language approaches in some schools and the availability of alternatives toExpand
And Santayana lives on: Students' views on the purposes for studying American history
This paper explores 30 students' views on the purposes for studying US history. Twelve students were 5th graders, 12 were 8th graders, and six were high school students. Responses were drawn fromExpand
Teaching and Learning History in Elementary Schools
This text presents a major advance in developing a knowledge base about children's historical learning and thinking. It questions the purposes and goals that different teachers establish for theirExpand