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A Critical Review of the Durability of Adhesion to Tooth Tissue: Methods and Results
This paper critically appraises methodologies that focus on chemical degradation patterns of hydrolysis and elution of interface components, as well as mechanically oriented test set-ups, such as fatigue and fracture toughness measurements, to assess adhesion durability.
Buonocore memorial lecture. Adhesion to enamel and dentin: current status and future challenges.
The basic bonding mechanism to enamel and dentin of these three approaches is demonstrated by means of ultramorphological and chemical characterization of tooth-biomaterial interfacial interactions and confirms that conventional three-step etch&rinse adhesives still perform most favorably and are most reliable in the long-term.
State of the art of self-etch adhesives.
Bonding of an auto-adhesive luting material to enamel and dentin.
Comparative Study on Adhesive Performance of Functional Monomers
Besides self-etching dentin, specific functional monomers have additional chemical bonding efficacy that is expected to contribute to their adhesive potential to tooth tissue.
Relationship between bond-strength tests and clinical outcomes.
How much do resin-based dental materials release? A meta-analytical approach.
Polymerization shrinkage and elasticity of flowable composites and filled adhesives.
Porcelain veneers: a review of the literature.