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The lateral spinal artery of the upper cervical spinal cord. Anatomy, normal variations, and angiographic aspects.
The lateral spinal artery corresponds to the most rostral extent of the posterolateral arterial axis of the spinal cord. It supplies the posterior and lateral aspects of the spinal cord, and coursesExpand
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Anatomic basis of vascularised nerve grafts: the blood supply of peripheral nerves
The present study was carried out on 30 cadavers (5 fresh, 20 preserved adult and 5 fresh stillborn) following injection of red latex through the subclavian and common iliac arteries. The bloodExpand
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The left retro-aortic brachiocephalic vein: morphologic data and diagnostic ultrasound in 27 cases
SummaryA left retro-aortic brachiocephalic vein is a rare anatomic entity. A retrospective study was made of 5218 congenital cardiopathies treated between 1982 and 1998 in a medico-surgicalExpand
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Salmonella-infected subdural haematoma.
Post-traumatic chronic subdural haematoma infected by Salmonella sandiego is reported in a 55-year-old alcoholic man. Treatment involved a four-weeks' course of chloramphenicol and also subduralExpand
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Ventral Transdural Herniation of the Thoracic Spinal Cord: Surgical Treatment in Four Cases and Review of Literature
Summary Background. A specific cause of progressive Brown-Sequard syndrome has been identified: a ventral herniation of the thoracic spinal cord through the dural sleeve on one side. Method. FourExpand
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Treatment in tumours of the pineal region: value of sterotaxic biopsy.
The treatment of tumours of the pineal region is the subject of keen controversy between advocates of surgical excision and those of radiotherapy with ventricular shunting. The proponents of theseExpand
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Cranial sutures and craniometric points detected on MRI
The main goal of the study was to determine on MRI the cranial sutures, the craniometric points and craniometric measurements, and to correlate these results with classical anthropometricExpand
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Persisting recessus infundibuli and empty sella. Case report.
In a patient with thrombosis of the central retinal artery, plain skull radiographs showed an enlarged sella turcica and computerized tomography revealed ventricular dilatation. NeuroradiologicalExpand
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[Juxta- or trans-condylar lateral extension of the posterior suboccipital approach. Anatomical study, surgical aspects].
In order to improve the surgical approach to tumors and aneurysms of the anterior or antero-lateral aspect of the foramen magnum, some authors have proposed a lateral extension of the posteriorExpand
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Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma in a 22-month-old girl.
The authors report the case of a 22-month-old girl who developed cervical pain, neck stiffness, and quadriparesis over 12 days. An epidural hematoma was removed, with complete recovery after 6Expand
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