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World catalogue of insects
This volume four focuses on Pterophoroidea & Alucitoidea (Lepidoptera) and the World Catalogue of Insects, an initiative aiming at compiling worldscale, authoritative catalogues of monophyletic insect taxa. Expand
Review of the Palaearctic and Oriental species of the subgenus Haliplus s.str. (Coleoptera: Haliplidae: Haliplus) with descriptions of three new species
Dytiscus impressus Fabricius, 1787 is here selected as type species for the genus Haliplus Latreille, following Holmen (1987). Expand
The Haliplidae of Atlantic Canada: new records, distribution, and faunal composition
Th e Haliplidae (crawling water beetles) of Atlantic Canada are surveyed. Sixteen species are now known in the region. Four, including Haliplus fasciatus Aube, Peltodytes duodecimpunctatus (Say),Expand
Revision of the Haliplidae of the Afrotropical region, including North Africa (Coleoptera)
The continent of Africa is in terms of biogeographic regions divided in the Afrotropical region south of the Sahara and the Palaearctic region north of the Sahara with a transition zone in theExpand
A New Species of Haliplus Latreille, 1802 (Coleoptera: Adephaga: Haliplidae) from Canada
A description, diagnosis, distribution, and illustrations of the new species of Haliplus lucigelinae Vondel and Alarie from Ontario and Québec, Canada are provided. Expand
Review of the Haliplidae of Myanmar with description of Haliplus volpei (Coleoptera)
The Haliplidae known from Myanmar (=Burma) were recently treated in a wider perspective by van Vondel (1992, 1993) and summarized by van Vondel (2005). A specific list for Myanmar, based on theseExpand