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Image Formation Process
Unconstrained correlation filters.
To optimize the filter's performance, the usual hard constraints on the outputs in the synthetic discriminant function formulation are removed, and the resulting filters exhibit superior distortion tolerance while retaining the attractive features of their predecessors. Expand
Performance of the extended maximum average correlation height (EMACH) filter and the polynomial distance classifier correlation filter (PDCCF) for multiclass SAR detection and classification
The Extended Maximum Average Correlation Height (EMACH) filter and the Polynomial Distance Classifier Correlation Filter (PDCCF) are applied to the Moving and Stationary Target Acquisition andExpand
Polynomial distance classifier correlation filter for pattern recognition.
This work introduces what is to the authors' knowledge a new nonlinear shift-invariant classifier called the polynomial distance classifier correlation filter (PDCCF), which provides a framework for combining different classification filters that takes advantage of the individual filter strengths. Expand
Imaging Spectroscopy
Biometric Encryption using image processing
The consistency of the output pattern and the security of the filter function are the two topics discussed in this paper. Expand
Arrhythmia detection and classification using morphological and dynamic features of ECG signals
A new approach for arrhythmia classification based on a combination of morphological and dynamic features is proposed, which yields an overall accuracy of 99.66% on 85945 heartbeats, better than any other published results. Expand
Distance-classifier correlation filters for multiclass target recognition.
A correlation-based distance-classifier correlation filter that simultaneously considers multiple classes is introduced, and it is shown that the earlier two-class formulation is a special case of the classifier presented. Expand
Palmprint recognition using correlation filter classifiers
It is described how the extraction of an appropriate region of interest in the palmprint surface can be used to design correlation filters that accomplish 100% recognition on a database of 50 persons. Expand
Biometric Encryption: enrollment and verification procedures
Details of the enrollment and verification procedures for Bioscrypt, an algorithm which has been developed to securely link and retrieve a digital key using the interaction of a biometric image with a secure block of data, are presented. Expand