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The Sources and Consequences of Embeddedness for the Economic Performance of Organizations: The Network Effect
  • B. Uzzi
  • Sociology, Business
  • 1 August 1996
L'A. s'efforce de comprendre comment les structures sociales influent sur la performance economique. Il s'interesse plus particulierement a la notion d'« enracinement ». Il montre que celle-ci permetExpand
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Embeddedness in the making of financial capital : How social relations and networks benefit firms seeking financing
I investigate how social embeddedness affects an organization’s acquisition and cost of financial capital in middle-market banking—a lucrative but understudied financial sector. Using existing theoryExpand
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Collaboration and Creativity: The Small World Problem1
Small world networks have received disproportionate notice in diverse fields because of their suspected effect on system dynamics. The authors analyzed the small world network of the creative artistsExpand
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The Increasing Dominance of Teams in Production of Knowledge
We have used 19.9 million papers over 5 decades and 2.1 million patents to demonstrate that teams increasingly dominate solo authors in the production of knowledge. Research is increasingly done inExpand
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Relational Embeddedness and Learning: The Case of Bank Loan Managers and Their Clients
As a complement to the literature on learning in firms, we investigate learning in markets, a nascent area of study that focuses on how learning occurs between, rather than within, firms. The coreExpand
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Dynamics of Dyads in Social Networks: Assortative, Relational, and Proximity Mechanisms
Embeddedness in social networks is increasingly seen as a root cause of human achievement, social stratification, and actor behavior. In this article, we review sociological research that examinesExpand
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Team Assembly Mechanisms Determine Collaboration Network Structure and Team Performance
Agents in creative enterprises are embedded in networks that inspire, support, and evaluate their work. Here, we investigate how the mechanisms by which creative teams self-assemble determine theExpand
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Determinants Of Employment Externalization - A Study Of Temporary Workers And Independent Contractors
The authors' names are listed alphabetically; both authors contributed equally to this work. This manuscript was initially submitted to Administrative Science Quarterlys special issue on Process andExpand
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Atypical Combinations and Scientific Impact
Making an Impact How big a role do unconventional combinations of existing knowledge play in the impact of a scientific paper? To examine this question, Uzzi et al. (p. 468) studied 17.9 millionExpand
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