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DFTL: a flash translation layer employing demand-based selective caching of page-level address mappings
Recent technological advances in the development of flash-memory based devices have consolidated their leadership position as the preferred storage media in the embedded systems market and opened newExpand
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FlashSim: A Simulator for NAND Flash-Based Solid-State Drives
NAND Flash memory-based Solid-State Disks (SSDs) are becoming popular as the storage media in domains ranging from mobile laptops to enterprise-scale storage systems due to a number of benefitsExpand
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Agile dynamic provisioning of multi-tier Internet applications
Dynamic capacity provisioning is a useful technique for handling the multi-time-scale variations seen in Internet workloads. In this article, we propose a novel dynamic provisioning technique forExpand
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An analytical model for multi-tier internet services and its applications
Since many Internet applications employ a multi-tier architecture, in this paper, we focus on the problem of analytically modeling the behavior of such applications. We present a model based on aExpand
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Optimal power cost management using stored energy in data centers
Since the electricity bill of a data center constitutes a significant portion of its overall operational costs, reducing this has become important. We investigate cost reduction opportunities thatExpand
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Benefits and limitations of tapping into stored energy for datacenters
Datacenter power consumption has a significant impact on both its recurring electricity bill (Op-ex) and one-time construction costs (Cap-ex). Existing work optimizing these costs has reliedExpand
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Towards event source unobservability with minimum network traffic in sensor networks
Sensors deployed to monitor the surrounding environment report such information as event type, location, and time when a real event of interest is detected. An adversary may identify the real eventExpand
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Energy storage in datacenters: what, where, and how much?
Energy storage - in the form of UPS units - in a datacenter has been primarily used to fail-over to diesel generators upon power outages. There has been recent interest in using these Energy StorageExpand
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Analytic modeling of multitier Internet applications
Since many Internet applications employ a multitier architecture, in this article, we focus on the problem of analytically modeling the behavior of such applications. We present a model based on aExpand
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Resource overbooking and application profiling in shared hosting platforms
In this paper, we present techniques for provisioning CPU and network resources in shared hosting platforms running potentially antagonistic third-party applications. The primary contribution of ourExpand
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