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Tuning PI controllers for integrator/dead time processes
Chien and Fruehauf proposed an internal model control (IMC) approach to selecting the tuning constants for a PI controller in a process consisting of a pure integrator and a dead time. The onlyExpand
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An industrial design/control study for the vinyl acetate monomer process
Abstract This work presents design details of an industrial process for the manufacture of vinyl acetate monomer. Our purpose is to offer a realistic example that is uniquely suited for academicExpand
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Plantwide control design procedure
Plantwide control involves the systems and strategies required to control an entire chemical plant consisting of many interconnected unit operations. A general heuristic design procedure is presentedExpand
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Interactive, dynamic simulation using extrapolation methods
In this paper, semi-implicit integrators coupled with extrapolation codes are explored for interactive dynamic simulation. Expand
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Dynamics and control of recycle systems. 4. Ternary systems with one or two recycle streams
This paper is the fourth in a series of papers that explore the challenging problems associated with the dynamics and control of recycle systems. The reactions considered in previous papers wereExpand
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Dominant variables for partial control. 2. Application to the Tennessee Eastman challenge process
A thermodynamically motivated method for the identification of dominant variables used in partial control is applied to the Tennessee Eastman challenge process. The method shows that the reactorExpand
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Analysis of Control Structures for Reaction/Separation/Recycle Processes with Second-Order Reactions
This work analyzes the effect of the process design on control structure for a system with a reactor, two distillation columns, and two recycle streams. The reaction A + B → C occurs in a reactor,Expand
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Dominant Variables for Partial Control. 1. A Thermodynamic Method for Their Identification
Partial control is a decentralized control strategy whereby a number of economic operating objectives are controlled either at their setpoints or within a specified range by feedback control of a fewExpand
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