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Composition, Fe3+/ΣFe, and crystal structure of non-asbestiform and asbestiform amphiboles from Libby, Montana, U.S.A.
Abstract Compositional data and Fe3+/ΣFe ratios obtained by electron microprobe and Mössbauer analyses are given for a suite of three amphibole and amphibole-asbestos samples collected from the
Synthesis, characterization, and monoamine transporter activity of the new psychoactive substance 3',4'-methylenedioxy-4-methylaminorex (MDMAR).
The high potency of ring-substituted methylaminorex analogues at all three monoamine transporters investigated here might be relevant when assessing the potential for serious side-effects after high dose exposure.
The nature of halogen...halogen synthons: crystallographic and theoretical studies.
An electrostatic model is proposed based on two assumptions: 1) the presence of a positive electrostatic end cap on the halogen atom (except for fluorine) and 2) the electronic charge is anisotropically distributed around the Halogen atom.
Characterization of a novel and potentially lethal designer drug (±)-cis-para-methyl-4-methylaminorex (4,4'-DMAR, or 'Serotoni').
The potent releasing activity of (±)-cis-4,4'-DMAR at all three monoamine transporters predicts a potential for serious side-effects such as psychotic symptoms, agitation, hyperthermia and cardiovascular stimulation, especially after high-dose exposure or following combination with other psychostimulants.
A novel dual-functioning ruthenium(II)-arene complex of an anti-microbial ciprofloxacin derivative - Anti-proliferative and anti-microbial activity.
The ruthenium(II) complex is highly cytotoxic in the low μM range and is as potent as the clinical drug cisplatin against the human cancer cell lines A2780, A549, HCT116, and PC3, suggesting a different mechanism of action.
High-capacity gold nanoparticle functionalised polymer monoliths.
Gold nanoparticles have been immobilised on a methacrylate monolith via grafted polymer chains terminated with amine groups, resulting in a homogenous and dense surface coverage.
Energetic salts of azotetrazolate, iminobis(5-tetrazolate) and 5, 5'-bis(tetrazolate).
1-methyl-4-aminotriazolium azotetrazolate has a layered structure and exhibits a heat of formation of +4360 kJ kg(-1), while iminobis(5-tetazolate) (IBT) and 5-bis(tetrazole) (BT) were synthesized.
Preparation of ultrafine chalcopyrite nanoparticles via the photochemical decomposition of molecular single-source precursors.
Ultraviolet irradiation was used to decompose a molecular single source precursor, yielding organic soluble approximately 2 nm sized nanoparticles with a narrow size distribution, which have a wurzite-type crystal structure with a copper-rich composition.
Pipette-tip selective extraction of glycoproteins with lectin modified gold nano-particles on a polymer monolithic phase.
Reversed-phase capillary HPLC was used to validate the efficiency and selectivity of the developed micro-extraction phase which resulted in an increase in extraction recovery of ∼95% due to the AuNP enhanced surface area.
Polyazidopyrimidines: high-energy compounds and precursors to carbon nanotubes.
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