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Medical power and social knowledge
The Regulation of Bodies Risk Society and the New Regime of Disease The Expanding Field of the Sociology of the Body is explored.
The Body And Society
Regulating Bodies: Essays in Medical Sociology
The author's preface and conclusion: Theory and Epistemology of the Body: Interview with Richard Fardon.
Outline of a Theory of Citizenship
The problem of citizenship has re-emerged as an issue which is central, not only to practical political questions concerning access to health-care systems, education institutions and the welfare
The erosion of citizenship.
  • B. Turner
  • Sociology
    The British journal of sociology
  • 1 June 2001
This article argues that effective entitlement was based on participation in work, war and reproduction, resulting in three types of social identity: worker- citizens, warrior-citizens and parent-citizens, which are described as 'reproductive citizenship'.
Penguin Dictionary of Sociology
This revised and updated edition provides not only simple, one-line definitions, but also entries that discuss the issues involved in, and alternative approaches to, the central concepts, theories
Investigating Citizenship: An Agenda for Citizenship Studies
This essay takes stock of our editorial collaboration in the past decade and outlines those ideas that we find most promising and approaches that are most fruitful in investigating citizenship. We
Outline of a Theory of Generations
The concept of generation has had little refinement and application in recent sociology. After reviewing the literature, this article modifies Mannheim's original conceptualization through Bourdieu's
Outline of a Theory of Human Rights
Although the study of citizenship has been an important development in contemporary sociology, the nature of rights has been largely ignored. The analysis of human rights presents a problem for