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A molecular line survey of Sagittarius B2 and Orion-KL from 70 to 115 GHz. I - The observational data
The complete millimeter-wave spectrum between 70 and 115 GHz of the giant Sgr B2 molecular cloud and the star-forming KL region of Orion has been surveyed with the NRAO 11 m telescope at a resolutionExpand
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Flavor characteristics of forage- and grain-fed beef as influenced by phospholipid and fatty acid compositional differences
Neutral lipid (NL) and phospholipid (PL) fractions and their corresponding fatty acid (FA) profiles from the L. dorsi of Angus-Hereford heifers (n=27) were compared as a function of forage grazingExpand
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Tests of shock chemistry in IC 443G
Eight molecular species, in the hot dense clump IC 443G, believed to be impacted by the shock wave from the SNR IC 443, are investigated. The clump consists of two distinct regions, one relativelyExpand
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The Fine-Structure Lines of Hydrogen in H II Regions
The 2s1/2 state of hydrogen is metastable and overpopulated in H II regions. In addition, the 2p states may be pumped by ambient Lyα radiation. Fine-structure transitions between these states may beExpand
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Microwave Detection of Interstellar Vinyl Alcohol, CH2=CHOH
Vinyl alcohol (CH2=CHOH) has been detected in emission toward Sagittarius B2N by means of its millimeter-wave rotational transitions. The simplest enol, vinyl alcohol is an important intermediate inExpand
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Detection of interstellar vibrationally excited HCN.
Vibrationally excited HCN has been observed for the first time in the interstellar medium. The J = 3-2 rotational transitions of the l-doubled (0,1(1d,1c), 0) bending mode of HCN have been detectedExpand
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Detection of interstellar acetone toward the Orion-KL hot core
We present the first detection of interstellar acetone [(CH3)2CO] toward the high-mass star-forming region Orion-KL and the first detection of vibrationally excited (CH3)2CO in the interstellarExpand
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A Common Gas-Phase Chemistry for Diffuse, Translucent, and Dense Clouds?
This paper consolidates and extends the results of a large observational and chemical modeling study of translucent clouds. Thirty-eight molecular species have been observed in an ensemble of 38Expand
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The Physics and Chemistry of Small Translucent Molecular Clouds. XI. Methanol
We have made a survey of CH3OH in 27 of our standard sample of 11 cirrus cores and 27 Clemens-Barvainis translucent cores whose structures and chemistry have been studied earlier in this series.Expand
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