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Tectonic Processes on Europa: Tidal Stresses, Mechanical Response, and Visible Features
Abstract Europa's orbital eccentricity, driven by the resonance with Io and Ganymede, results in “diurnal” tides (3.5-day period) and possibly in nonsynchronous rotation. Both diurnal variation andExpand
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Strike-slip faults on Europa: Global shear patterns driven by tidal stress
Abstract Diurnal tides due to orbital eccentricity may drive strike–slip motion on Europa through a process of “walking” in which faults open and close out of phase with alternate right- andExpand
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Chaos on Europa
The characteristics of chaos regions on Europa suggest they may be sites of melt-through from below. They are wide ranging in size, location, and age. The largest are hundreds of kilometers across.Expand
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7 - Carbon Dioxide Transport and Excretion
This chapter describes the process of carbon dioxide transport and excretion in fishes. Metabolism produces CO 2 at variable rates that are dictated by aerobic metabolic requirements. In most fishExpand
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Does Europa have a subsurface ocean? Evaluation of the geological evidence
It has been proposed that Jupiter's satellite Europa currently possesses a global subsurface ocean of liquid water. Galileo gravity data verify that the satellite is differentiated into an outer H2OExpand
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Lithospheric Dilation on Europa
Abstract Lithospheric dilation on Europa has occurred at ridges, bands, and various hybrid lineaments on a global scale over a large part of the geological age of the surface. Dilational ridgesExpand
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Polar Wander and Surface Convergence of Europa's Ice Shell: Evidence from a Survey of Strike-Slip Displacement
Two global issues regarding Europa are addressed by a survey of strike-slip faults. First, a common type of terrain that appears to represent convergent sites of surface removal, which may helpExpand
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A 130 nm generation logic technology featuring 70 nm transistors, dual Vt transistors and 6 layers of Cu interconnects
A leading edge 130 nm generation logic technology with 6 layers of dual damascene Cu interconnects is reported. Dual Vt transistors are employed with 1.5 nm thick gate oxide and operating at 1.3 V.Expand
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Distribution of strike‐slip faults on Europa
Study of four different regions on Europa imaged by the Galileo spacecraft during its first 15 orbits has revealed 117 strike-slip faults. Europa appears to form preferentially right-lateral faultsExpand
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Distribution of chaotic terrain on Europa
The locations of chaotic terrain are mapped over all regions of Europa for which we have adequate resolution (∼200 m or better) and appropriate lighting geometry (Sun angle <35° from the localExpand
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