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Evaluation of textural properties for whey enriched direct extruded and puffed corn based products.
Textural properties of direct expanded extrudates with addition and without addition of whey protein concentrate as: extrudate diameter (de), expansion ratio (Er), bulk density (BD), extrUDate weight equivalent (EWE), hardness and breaking strenght index (BSI) in bending mode, and penetration mode as well were compared with versatile process parameters (feed moisture content and wheyprotein concentrate intake).
Chemical Changes During the Extrusion Cooking
Here, nondisulfide cross-linking reactions are analysed using two approach: molecular modeling and spectroscopic analytical methods: FTIR with real samples-extrudates obtained by twin co-rotating extruder.
Biot number - lag factor (Bi-G) correlation for tunnel drying of baby food
To obtain mass transfer coefficients of three baby food mixtures on cereal basis in a tunnel dryer, Bi-G drying correlation can be used. Experimental moisture content values for three mixtures at
Texture and pasting properties of ultrasonically treated corn starch
The aim of this research was to examine the effect of high power ultrasound of 24 kHz and ultrasound bath of 24 kHz frequency on textural properties and pasting properties of corn starch suspensions.
Ultrasound-Assisted Infrared Drying of Pear Slices: Textural Issues
The aim of this research was to investigate the impact of high-intensity ultrasound as pretreatment on the duration of drying and texture characteristics of infrared-dried pear slices using different
Textural properties of infra red dried apple slices as affected by high power ultrasound pre-treatment
Investigating the impact of high power ultrasound pre-treatment on drying rate and textural properties of the infra red dried apple slices showed that hardness of samples gradually increases with increase of ultrasound intensity, and hardness of untreated apple slices was significantly lower.
Reducing Fat Globules Particle-Size in Goat Milk: Ultrasound and High Hydrostatic Pressures Approach
Innovative and eco-friendly food technologies in practical usage today like Ultrasound (US) and High Hydrostatic Pressures (HHP) are feasible to adequately maintain various food properties while
Effect of twin-screw extrusion parameters on mechanical hardness of direct-expanded extrudates
Mechanical properties of cereal (starch-based) extrudates are perceived by the final consumer as criteria of quality. We investigate one of the important characteristics of extrudates, mechanical