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Abnormal brain activation during inhibition and error detection in medication-naive adolescents with ADHD.
The study shows that abnormal brain activation during inhibitory challenge in ADHD is specific to the disorder, since it persists when medication history and performance discrepancies are excluded.
Task-specific hypoactivation in prefrontal and temporoparietal brain regions during motor inhibition and task switching in medication-naive children and adolescents with attention deficit
Abnormal brain activation was observed in medication-naive children and adolescents with ADHD during tasks involving motor inhibition and task switching, suggesting that hypoactivation in this patient group is unrelated to long-term stimulant exposure.
Attention, eye tracking and schizophrenia.
  • W. Acker, B. Toone
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The British journal of social and clinical…
  • 1 June 1978
Evidence is interpreted that SPET performance is sensitive to superficial inattention, and that deficits in schizophrenic SPet performance are best explained by attentional deficits in the schizophrenics.
Low Birth Weight and Schizophrenia
In schizophrenic men, lower birth weight was highly significantly correlated with poorer premorbid social and cognitive ability, and with impairment of adult cognitive function, which may cause poor foetal growth, and schizophrenia in adult life.
Habituation of physiological responses in anxiety.
In the first study, 20 male and 20 female volunteers were studied under threat-of-shock and no-threat conditions with respect to anxiety levels, skin conductance, EEG auditory evoked response, and
Heterogeneity in Sporadic Schizophrenia
Brain uptake of iomazenil in cirrhotic patients: a single photon emission tomography study
Brain uptake of 123I-iomazenil was studied using single photon emission computerized tomography and the curve of brain uptake of the tracer was modelled into a two compartments equation which seems to provide a practical and reliable method to calculate the slopes of acquisition and decay, time to peak and maximal acquisition.